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McCoy College Logo Redesign

McCoy folder and card layouts


  • Creative Director
  • Designer


  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Peer research

What Was the Challenge?

The Emmett & Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration is one of Texas State’s ten colleges, and the only one to be named for individuals. Its existing logo incorporated the names of the generous McCoy family donors; however, the logo did not include a reference to Texas State University. This meant that in a variety of scenarios, the college had to shoehorn together two logos, its own and the university’s, which wasn’t a good solution.

When Brian McCoy, son of Emmett and Miriam, approached the university saying that he was open to revisiting the logo, we took the opportunity to design a logo system that would increase brand connections between the college and the university and refresh the logo’s look. In addition to a logo for the college itself, we also needed to create a matching logo for the McCoy College Foundation, the group that manages major gifts to the college.

McCoy standing folder and card
McCoy business cards

How We Got It Done

A kickoff meeting with the client helped us understand what was at stake. Dean Smart’s leadership was instrumental in bringing us the project, explaining where the college’s pain points were for doubling-up on competing logos, and guiding communication with members of the McCoy family. Together, we saw the new logo’s big opportunity to make a strong impression for both the McCoy College and Texas State as a whole.

While logo design can be fraught, this particular project was fairly straightforward: We would be working within existing parameters such as the Texas State family of fonts and colors. Our main considerations were to think hard about how the logo system would function, who would be using it and where it would be used. From there, it was a matter of applying industry knowledge about typography, proportions and applications. Our creative director and designer worked together closely to shape the project.

First, we did research. While the named McCoy College is an outlier at Texas State, it’s not a unique situation — most business schools have a name separate from that of their university. We did an audit of how our peer and aspirational institutions handled this graphically, and we considered ways to show the college-university hierarchy clearly through typography.

Logos are used in a vast range of applications, so we knew that the design needed to work big and small, such as on lapel pins and business cards.

We drew inspiration from existing logos including those of the university itself and the Meadows Center (another named unit within Texas State).

After developing four concepts, we pitched our ideas to the college for feedback. Based on their comments, we narrowed down the options and refined the designs. The winning logo went through an extensive review and approval process, from college and foundation stakeholders and the McCoy family through the provost and president.

The finished system of logos includes horizontal, vertical and stacked versions to adapt to how the logo is being used.

McCoy print layout


Even in the initial stages, the logo concepts were well received by the college and the McCoy family.

“Everyone is excited about the logo and incredibly appreciative of the excellent design work done in University Marketing.”

— Denise Smart, dean

After final approval, the new logo system was rolled out in 2018, starting with faculty business cards, and it will be featured going forward on all print publications, digital platforms and promotional items.

Because of how visible the McCoy College’s students, alumni, and faculty are within local and national partnerships, the new logo is a high-impact piece of branding. The final logo system is a bold, modern visual bridge: a signature look unique to McCoy College, but consistent with Texas State University.


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