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Publications and Print

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Institutional Projects

Print is most certainly not dead; in fact it plays a key role in the university's recruitment and engagement strategy. Our in-house team of designers, writers and photographers engage alumni with high-profile publications, turn heads with billboards and full-page advertisements, and reach top talent with beautiful recruitment campaigns.

How We Can Help You

We develop strategic print projects for campus units via in-depth consultations with our design, content and visual teams. We work with reliable, approved printers and charge only the cost of printing.

  • New client orientation and print consultation: Unfamiliar with your options? New to the process? Reach out to us with some basic details about what you're trying to accomplish.
  • Existing clients and defined print projects: If you have a good idea of what type of collateral (brochure, poster, advertisement, invitation, etc.) you need, and are experienced with our procedures, feel free to submit a creative services request.
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    •  External audience
    •  Large quantity
    •  Requires offset printing or mailing
    •  Original content needs to be created
    •  A strategic approach with intended marketing outcomes
    •  A tight turnaround time
    •  An internal-only audience
    •  A small quantity
    •  Directional signage and wall graphics
    •  Promotional items

Publication Review

When making print projects on your own, we can review your communications before printing and make suggestions for improvement based on the university‚Äôs brand identity and editorial style. Please review your content before submitting a project to ensure it is accurate and error-free. It is your responsibility to have your project approved by the appropriate chair, dean, vice president or other authority.

Publication review can take up to 10 business days for larger publications, so please plan accordingly.

  • Disclaimer: 

    University Marketing offers writing, editing and proofreading services for material in English only. Clients are welcome to publish material in foreign languages but must provide full text and accept responsibility for any typographical or grammatical errors it may contain.