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Our Brand

Academic and Administrative Logos

Our logo system identifies colleges, schools, centers, institutes, divisions, departments, units and chartered student organizations.


Our color palette is inspired by the natural and architectural beauty of the Texas State campus and its surroundings.

Core Values

Our core values reflect our commitment to students, faculty and staff, as well as our various external constituents.

Logo Usage and Guidelines

Correct logo use is essential to our brand. Learn about usage techniques, primary vs. secondary logos, alternate colors and expired logos. If you would like to view our new TXST Athletics logo, you can view the usage and guidelines here.

Statements and Inclusions

Publications may require various statements identifying our system membership, commitment to equal opportunity, tobacco-free campus and more.


Adobe Garamond Pro imparts a feeling of history and academia, while Univers adds balance with a modern, efficient feel.

University Seal

The university seal authenticates the highest official documents and communicates the official significance of special occasions.

Brand Downloads

We maintain a brief brand guide in PDF format, as well as the presentation slides from our popular yearly workshop.