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Social Media Guidelines

Social Media

The Basics

Social media is an extremely effective way to engage students, alumni and the community and showcase the work of your department or organization. Maintaining a social media account for an organization is very different than maintaining a personal account.

Employees who run social media channels for their departments should be aware that their accounts are representative of the university and should keep the following recommendations in mind.

Getting Started

Before starting a social media account at Texas State, ask the following questions:

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We Can Help

If you have determined that you would like to create a new social media account, contact us and let us know of your plans prior to creating an account. We are here to help you, answer your questions and guide you as you launch your account.

Social Media Style

Please use our social media style guide to achieve a consistent, flexible style in your social media communications. The university's Editorial Style Guide is also a valuable resource.

Social Media Principles

Social media is constantly changing. New networks launch daily, each with a different goal, language and culture. It is impossible to create permanent guidelines that will address all of these changing issues. However, there are a few universal principles to follow for social media success:

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