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Request a Logo

Flags with Texas State logo
  • Texas State University
  • Round Rock Campus
  • Rising Star of Texas
  • TXST Athletic
  • Primary Athletic
  • SuperCat
  • Secondary Athletic

For the logos above, you will have to request a logo based on what you will be using it for. 

Other Logos

Administrative or Academic Logos 

Find more information here about these department level logos. If you need an academic or administrative logo, please contact us with the details.

Texas State University System (TSUS) member statements

These logos can be downloaded directly here.

Unsure about which logo you need? 

View all of our logos digitally here. If you need an Academic, Administrative, or TSUS member statement logo, you do not need to fill out the logo request form.

Ready to Request a Logo?

Request a Logo for Commerical use (for sale):

Request a Logo for Non-Commercial use (not for sale):