Official Photos

UAC arch in the afternoon

We strive to make our best photo assets available to the Texas State community on a continual basis. Because the communication needs and preferences of our partners are so diverse, we offer several solutions for your photo needs.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please explore our custom photography options.

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Gato Web Banners

A beautiful, curated library of nearly 250 web banners is available inside the Gato CMS for web publishers. These images have been tested and optimized specifically for this purpose.

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How do I select and add a Gato banner image?

  1. Navigate to our Flickr page and preview image options.
  2. Do not download images; simply identify the file name of the image you wish to sample.
  3. Go to your website's Gato editing environment and select a page.
  4. Select "Set Banner Image" and then "Choose".
  5. Select "Upload a New Banner Image" and then "Select New".
  6. Locate the folder "official-texas-state-images".
  7. Inside that folder, locate the title of the image you identified earlier.
  8. Select "Choose" and then "Save Changes".
  9. Preview your image at different screen widths.
  10. Repeat until you are satisfied with your selection.

Contact Gato support if you have any technical questions, and let University Marketing know if you have feedback on available images.

Flickr Albums

Particularly suited for web use, our Flickr selections tell the Texas State story in a beautiful, modern way. Images are free to download, but you will need a Flickr account.

Looking specifically for Gato web banners? See above for details.


The Photobank houses an extensive collection of official photos available for free download. The software running the Photobank is somewhat dated so bear with us as we investigate new distribution solutions.

How do I use the Photobank?

  1. Navigate to and choose "Login".
  2. Photobank should be highlighted on the next screen. Click "Login".
  3. In the left hand column you will see categories; you can expand a category by clicking the blue arrow or select a category by double clicking its name.
  4. You can also search keywords in the search bar at the top of the screen. Tip: try using quotation marks to narrow your search parameters. For example, student studying returns 1200 results while "student studying" returns two.
  5. When you find a photo you want to use, right click it and select "Add to Collection Basket".
  6. When you are ready to download your images, click the shopping cart in the top menu. This will open a dialog that shows your collection.
  7. If you need to delete any images you have added to your collection, click the "Remove" button at the bottom of the image you want to delete. 
  8. When you are ready to download your images, click the download icon at the top of the dialog (second icon from the left). A download window will appear.
  9. Click the "Download" button to start your download.
  10. A window will pop up asking where you want to save your image. Select your preferred location.